After all of the work that we had to do to the house, the inspection was pretty anti-climatic. In addition to hassling the contractor about finishing work on the house in order to meet safety requirements, we’ve also been running around for the last few months addressing all of the smaller issues. I can honestly say that at this time the house is ready—not just for the health inspection but it’s ready to have a little one running around. Baltimore City Department of Health contracts with a company to carry out home inspections for the Department of Social Services. The contractor then subcontracts with individual inspectors. On Saturday our inspector was in our house for less than twenty minutes. I had expected a lengthy, and more rigorous visit, but was just glad to get it behind us. Of all of the steps in the process this inspection was the most unnerving because there was so much to do and was the least straight forward part of the home study. Suffice to say that we passed without any problems. We live in a nice neighborhood, keep a nice house, and have taken all of the steps necessary to make this house safe. Next up: the Fire Inspection.