travel to new places

to see new (for some) faces

a study in shyness

succumbs to the charms of granddad and goldfish


time spent with new friends

a chance to practice scary

the bunny arrives

much to the delight of one

giraffes get love too


letting our hair down…and out

for a day out and about

and donuts


blue angels bring da noise

while dinosaurs roam again

july trex

or maybe not


aug lucas and papa at the falls

road trip

aug falls

to see a wonder

aug lucas chasing gull

and chase gulls


half marathon 3 resized

a successful half-marathon

half marathon pain

 brings the pain

oh the pain

oct lucas at table with cake


oct daddy hugging a present

with presents

oct lucas and papa opening presents

are much more interesting

oct dinosaurs

dinosaurs had a good month too


nov votefor6 thank you

defending marriage for all

nov pumpkin watch

defending pumpkins from squirrels

nov green egg 2

green eggs fail

nov pancakes

pancakes prevail

stick figure family

a recommittment to fostering

as of 11/25/12, welcome DM and DS for what should be a short stay