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There is nothing more relaxing than a cat. After a chaotic few months with extra kids in the house, having an oversized kitty sitting on your chest massaging your belly and purring in your ear is a bit like heaven. It doesn’t hurt when you’re out in the country and the only other sound besides the bray of nearby horses is the occasional rumble of a passing truck.

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travel to new places

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It’s 6:33 on a Sunday morning and I’ve been up for a little over an hour, after shaking myself awake from a dream of T.

My memory of the dream starts with T being in our house for a weekend visit. For some reason, “our house” was a mishmash of where we live now, my childhood home and a house for-sale down the street and around the corner.  There were toys every where.  My Mom and my nieces and nephews were also there – in the house but in other rooms that I couldn’t see and didn’t attempt to enter.  Lucas was more baby than boy, but he moved freely about the house. Read the rest of this entry »

I am so lucky to have spent your first 4 birthdays with you.

  happy birthday, first son.

missing you always

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Warning: This post is long and picture-less.  Juan will attest that it took me forever to write it.  Consider this my attempt to answer some frequently-asked questions – How’s T doing? Have you heard from his parents?  Do you get to see him?  The short answers are I don’t know, No and No.   The longer answer follows… Read the rest of this entry »

One:  Holidays Are Not Scary

I dreaded spending the coming holidays at home.  I thought being around friends here, in all the familiar places, would too easily remind me that we were one less.   I think Juan and I were on the same page, which made it easy to plan our escape.  This past Summer was our most traveled probably since we’ve been together.

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There is a time for grieving

that time is winding down

I should be less sad

I should find happiness in the here and now

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She said “Hey! Aren’t you missing one?” and then she smiled.  She smiled that special smile that says “I just made a funny!”.   She didn’t notice how I nearly tripped over my feet as I fumbled for an answer.  I knew what she meant by her question, but for one irrational second, I thought she was being purposefully hurtful.   It then occurred to me that she had not seen me in quite some time.  The last time we spoke  – on the same sidewalk, in front of the same house – was back in March.  Back then, I could still answer “two” (and not be wrong, like I have been lately) when asked how many kids I have. Read the rest of this entry »

I have been looking for a scrawny, brown boy with long curly hair.  It is 2016 and I know he still has dimples, even as a teenager.  I imagine him with glasses, carrying a book, standing at a bus stop surrounded by a crew of friends.  I know that he will never be wanting for friendship.  He is the most social, the most likeable little boy ever.  Read the rest of this entry »

Our intent in keeping a blog was to document our experiences in being parents.  It started with foster care training and then placement of a frail nine month old boy who we cared for and loved and after three and half years said goodbye to.  That part of our story seemed to have a beginning, middle and end.  The reality though is his story has not ended.  We continue to experience his departure over and over, sometimes more than once a day.  It has been harder than I even imagined. Read the rest of this entry »

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