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travel to new places

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I’ve seen the game-boy, the pac-man, the e-children.  I’ve watched their zombie eyes and the dull sullen responses when engaged.  I’ve witnessed the drama of the ensuing parental attempts to detach them from their apparatus: iPods, PSPs, Gameboy DSs, and iPhones.  Even Leapfrog has one now for the toddler crowd.  I dread that one day there will be one of them in my house. Read the rest of this entry »


Blue room

Make me laugh, blue room

Read me good books about firefighters, talking trucks and a silly alligator named Doodle

Play finger puppets with me again

Put on shows for me with funny character voices

Blue room, make me laugh again

Spin me around until I can’t stand on my feet

Hold my car, blue room and I’ll hold the other while we play smash ‘em and crash ‘em

Look down on me every night while I sleep to make certain that nothing bad will come to me

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Two nights ago, they were almost $3000 from their goal.  Tonight, just a little over $700.  I hope my post from a couple of nights ago was worth a buck or two.

I’ve become an instant fan of producer Andrea James along with Jamie Hebert, his husband Alec Mapa, their son Zion (crazy cute) and the project/film Family Restaurant.  Check out the video and consider donating to the effort to make this film happen.

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Happy Birthday, Papa Juan!

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Things I added in the past week:

1 brownie
1 apple cinnamon muffin (which quickly followed the 1 brownie)
3 battered, fried cod fillets
several french fries
5 blueberry pancakes (with syrup)
1 dozen or so Ritz crackers smeared with peanut butter

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I am so lucky to have spent your first 4 birthdays with you.

  happy birthday, first son.

missing you always

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peace out, 2011

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