Here’s some of what the Fire and Health departments will look for when inspecting our home:

Fire Department Inspection

* check smoke detector installation (on all levels) and operation
* check for installation and operation of portable fire extinguisher in kitchen
* bedroom doors must close completely and latch
* no storage within three feet of hot water heater and/or furnace
* furnace, dryer, hot water ventilated properly
* check for good basic housekeeping
* all radiators must have radiator covers
* no key turn locks from inside on any door in home

Health Department Inspection

* window screens should be installed for summer use if windows are to be opened
* pets sould be licensed and vaccinated
* exterior of home and roof should be in good repair
* electrical outlets should be covered
* exterior and interior paint should not be peeling
* thermometers are required and must be placed in each refrigerator and freezer