I’ve become an instant fan of producer Andrea James along with Jamie Hebert, his husband Alec Mapa, their son Zion (crazy cute) and the project/film Family Restaurant.  Check out the video and consider donating to the effort to make this film happen.

Long story (words by Jamie Hebert) follows:

Family Restaurant is a cute, 7 minute short featuring my son Zion, me, and my husband Alec Mapa, as well as other gay and lesbian families in a magical diner world filled with talking ketchup and mustard bottles with awesome googlie eyes!  We are hoping to screen the film on Family Day at OUTFEST, the world’s largest LGBT film festival.  There are very few films targeted to children of gay and lesbian families on Family Day and this film would change that by highlighting these kids (through Zion’s character) as being the heroes.  These kids would have their own movie they can relate to!
Due to the amazing response, we are looking past our bare minimum goal to a new fundraising goal of $10,000! If we make that, we will be able to film in a larger space and have even more LGBT families and their children in the film! We will also get a much better cinematographer than yours truly and have much better puppets and props. Please help us keep our momentum for this important and exciting project.  Who knows how far this film can reach!
We need your help to make this amazing film.  You can donate as little as $1!  One dollar!  And there are really cool little prizes you can receive depending on which level you donate.  Also, feel free to spread the love via sharing on Facebook, tweeting, shouting out your window, spray painting a bus, etc.
I am really excited to give these kids their own movie full of hope, magic, tolerance, and love.
Here is the Kickstarter link with videos: