Well,  as you can see from the above weigh-in, I’ve hit a roadblock of sorts.  A month ago, I was 3.8 pounds and 2 weeks away from my end-of-month goal of 200.  A month later, I have almost twice that to go.  Hell, a couple of weeks ago, I had made it up to 210.  Yikes! 

I don’t have much of an explanation for my lack of success.  I blame some of it on a lovely vacation to visit family.  While we were there, I did purposefully very little except eat, sleep, watch tv and then eat some more.  It was perfect, but by the time we got back home, I was almost 7 pounds heavier.  Maybe most of that was cake-weight.  Since returning, my lazy streak has continued almost uninterrupted.  I’ve been to the gym once and ran once too.

So I’m restarting my efforts, slightly discouraged but more determined than ever to keep on pushing on.  The weather has warmed up and I’ve blown the last remaining dust balls off my running shoes.  I have my eyes on one – maybe two – goals:  a half marathon in September and maybe another one in October.   Either way, I’m running a half-marathon sometime this year and I need to get ready.  I would love to beat my slower-than-molasses pace I set in my first half marathon in 2009.  Plus, we have decided to join the community pool and it opens Memorial Day Weekend.  A brotha has to pull it together by then!

Onward and downward!