It’s 11pm and past my bedtime.  I can barely keep my eyes open, so here’s a quick recap of the past 7 days.

Where I lost my way…

  • I had designated Monday and Tuesday as gym days, but work had other plans.  I haven’t been to the gym in 10 days.
  • 3 mini-muffins, 2 fudge/peanut butter squares, 2 chocolate chip cookies and 1 girl scout thin mint cookie
  • Saturday morning pumpkin pancakes

I’m blaming these on Juan.  He had emailed me the recipe a few weeks ago and I hadn’t been able to get them out of my head since then.  I didn’t have the exact ingredients, but I’ve been making scratch pancakes for awhile and created my own concoction.

The smell of pumpkin-ey goodness drove one almost mad with anticipation

and somebody else seemed to rate these a bit better than last week’s tuna burgers.

Overall, not a bad week but not a great one either.  The goal for the days leading up to day 26?…surviving the holiday weekend.

Onward and downward!