Big purchase

My wise mother told me that at this time we shouldn’t go out and make any big decisions.  And when did I ever listen to my mother, so we went out and bought a car!  Long had I been scheming to make this purchase.  When a mechanic confirmed that our trusty VW was on its last legs, a certain reluctant person in the house, caved.  Isn’t she pretty?


I’ve finally been given the title to the job I’ve been doing for the last two years.  Go figure—it’s the government.  The title will tell people that someone besides me, wants me to be in this job officially, permanently.  Not to be ungrateful, but it feels a bit anticlimactic.

Alien foot

Rocky had been hobbling around with what looked like a severely ingrown toenail.  We thought that maybe he had caught it on something out in the yard and that it might fall off and a new one grow back in its place.  The vet thought so too.  Then she discovered that there was a bone fracture and possibly a cyst down in there.  She decided to remove the nail completely.  It had been bandaged and rebandaged for weeks while it was healing.  Last weekend when the bandage fell off, I gasped.  His toe was gone!  Someone should have warned me!  My baby has an alien foot!

Road trip

We packed up and headed north for a few days.  It was an opportunity to be around family and for them to be around us.  My son got to see his other grandmother who he’s seen only once before.  Darrow got to take care of family things.  The change of scenery did us good.  We had fun with all of the kids, we reconnected with everyone there, and we forgot for a time.  We got famous when the photo from the Memorial Day Parade below, appeared in the local paper. 

Then had a loooong ride home.  It ended way too fast.