If I take no surprise – my update after the June 2, 2010 hearing – and make some minor changes, you’ll be up to date on this 3 year and 3 month saga.  Yesterday’s outcome was hardly any different.  Unsupervised visits are set to begin again. The plan is for some 4 hour visits once a week for three weeks and then some overnight visits on the weekend. 

The parents’ drama from the summer was concerning but clearly not concerning enough.  I’ve learned that anything short of serious physical injury, torture or death gets you a pass in this process.

We had to dash out of the courtroom to pick up the boys from daycare, so we don’t know the target date for finishing the transition.  “May” was a month I heard mentioned as the parties negotiated the terms and conditions for the court order.

So the reality that our days with T are numbered sets in…again.