I thought I would try another wordless Wednesday

—though I can never be completely wordless. 

One of the features that distinguishes the boys is their hair 

—it’s part of what makes them fabulous. 

We spend a significant amount of time conditioning, braiding, and generally fussing over or fussing about it


—we’ve let it grow and refrained from cutting just because it always seemed like the right thing to do. 

Lucas emerged with a full head of hair

—and as he started getting big, it started to get long so we put it into braids.

—and then we took the braids out

—and then we took the braids out and one of us decided it was time for 70’s fro.

What’s most interesting about Lucas’ hair is how different he looks from one moment

—to the other

—to the other

—to the other.

Hair is everything for Mr. T.

Even at nine months, T did not come to us with a lot of hair. 

But as it grew, his hair seemed to pair well with his very pretty face 

—and for the first few years because of his looks and his beautiful hair, he was often mistaken for a girl. 

We’ve cut his hair on only three occasions—normally in the summer when the weather is unbearable—and this is the result of one such trim that occurred right before a trip in 2009.


Sometimes I think that T’s hair has become its own entity

—it is absolutely a part of his identity.

Even the glasses have taken a back seat—with the comments almost always about the hair first and the glasses second.

And when it’s time for a spontaneous interpretive dance, the hair is an integral part of the piece.

And finally, how about one last look at that “Right-on” hair

—he will forever hate us for this picture.