October 2009


It was nearly a year ago that these little feet attached to the little baby known as Lucas came to live with us.  The little feet have gotten bigger and little baby Lucas has figured out how to use them:     


 In the beginning, his was upright only because of the play saucer that surrounded him 


Then we put him into the Tarzan swing, where he bounces and swings and gets side-swiped by an occasional dog tongue to the face 


There were always lots of helpers just waiting to provide the right support 


But then he began to figure it out for himself 


And his uprightness was all his doing 


Then there was no containing him 


And the happy boy became the joyous boy–is it possible to proud of yourself at that age? 


I dreaded the day of his mobility 


but then I look at that face    


and I’m reminded of how his life has become this beautiful thing