Today, a committee will meet to make a decision that will impact at least three families.

Today, that committee will determine if it is time to end reunification efforts and have the parents served with a Show Cause.

Today, possibly while that group votes yea or nay, the parents will visit with their three children – maybe even in the same building as the committee’s meeting.  

Today, we will wait for an email or call from a caseworker with news about the meeting’s outcome.

Tomorrow, three families will converge on the courthouse and learn more about their future.

Tomorrow, the Master will talk to the three children to get a sense of how they are doing.

Tomorrow, DSS will likely advocate for a change in the permanency plan.

Tomorrow, the Master may voice surprise and concern over the change in the case’s direction since the last hearing on June 2nd.

Tomorrow, several persons will have lots of explaining to do.

Tomorrow, some will argue for termination of parental rights while some argue to restart reunification efforts and services.

Tomorrow, the Master likely will walk through State codes and laws in an effort to make a reasonable, rational and justifiable decision about the permanency plan.

Tomorrow, a decision will be made.

And then?