It is hot here.  Hotter than usual and the heat has come to visit much earlier.  We sweat in the 90-105 degrees, and try to stay indoors as much as possible.  That’s hard with a three-year old.  They still have energy and still get bored even when it’s too hot to go out.  There are others in this family that relish the heat and prefer a good nap on the deck to the air-conditioned comfort of the house.

We went on vacation (Colonial Williamsburg) in the heat and shuttled between the pool and an air-conditioned bungalow.  We took naps, had some pretty good home cooking and spent time with our good friends from Seattle and their little baby girl.

Everyone we know is leaving town for the beaches.  It is the only way to escape the blistering mid-Atlantic summer.  If we could, we would go away for a few weeks, but for both of us, work has made that a challenge.  My job is exploding all over the place.  Which has been a good thing—busier, more interesting, more challenging, more rewarding.  Darrow seems to be settling into his new job and comes home most nights with a smile on his face.  But newness means demanding and any vacation time is hard to come by for him.  Though we are headed to my sister’s in a few weeks.  There is a quiet beach and not much to do.  I expect heaven is waiting there for us for a week.

Our time with T it seems will not come to an end in the fall as we had thought.  Given the current state of things, he will be with us through Christmas and his birthday in January if not longer.  I have begun to wonder what this means.  Does he need more time with us, in order to deal with the life that is to come?  Are we supposed to experience more of being a family with him before being one without him?  Is it all just timing?  Or is there something that has yet to unfold, something we didn’t expect? 

Some have quietly shared with us that they thought this might happen, and wondered if he would ever leave us.  I don’t really know if it is just too hard for those that love us and him, to imagine how he could ever leave us, or whether there truly is a sense, real and inexplicable, that whatever happens in the near-term, that he will be with us forever.  I don’t have the luxury to allow that sense or those thoughts to come creeping back in.  I am thankful for more time and that we get to spend one more Christmas together.  And right now that is what it’s all about–being together.