Like Juan, I too was reminded (by T) of what it means to be a good foster parent.

T, Lucas and I are on our way to day care this morning and T is in the back, pulling on the door handle.  I knew the child safety lock was set, but I didn’t want T to get in the habit of screwing around with the door.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: T, please don’t open the door when the car is moving.  We should only open the door when we are stopped and ready to get out.

T: Why?

Me: Because it’s not safe to open the door when we are moving.

T: What will happen, Daddy?

Me: Well, why don’t YOU tell ME what might happen.

T: I will fall out and bump my head.

Me: That’s right. And it would hurt.

T: And then you would get out and save me, Daddy. And then I would be happy.  Will you be happy, Daddy?

Me: Yes, T.  Saving you would make me very happy.

T: (no words. just a big grin)