When we can find the words, I’m sure Juan and I will have more to express about the outcome of yesterday’s hearing.  For now, to avoid losing my grip on that very thin thread from which I’ve been dangling, it’s safer to just report the facts.

The outcome was as expected.  The Master gave the go-ahead for T and his sisters to be transitioned back to the parents. We aren’t quite clear on the marching orders for DSS (mainly because the Master wasn’t all that clear), but they boil down to this:

Transition/reunification should be completed by the next hearing in September, “if not sooner”.  If not completed by then, it should be “right around the corner”.

For those who don’t know about the transition process, it means 3 months of increasingly longer and more frequent unsupervised visits until T’s return, which the judge wants done by September.

So that’s it.