He loves me….

There are times when I have not been certain about that…and I realize how strange that may seem…silly for me to wonder…sometimes I find myself in some of the strangest places…in my mind that is.

You have cared for him since he was a fragile nine-month old infant

You worried over him…many times

 Sat in dozens of doctor’s office waiting rooms

 Played frantic parent more than once in the ER

You introduced him to Michael Jackson, Maxwell, Sesame Street, Curious George, Cars, and one of your favorites—Handy Manny

You showed him how to respect our four-legged family members

To not step on paws or pull tails or ever be mean

You showed him how to tie his shoes even though he doesn’t yet have the hang of it

 Over and under, then two bunny ears, then over and under

Then helped him put on his socks, clapping wildly when he did it all by himself

 You fuss over his hair and won’t let him go outside without fixing it. 

You showed him that dancing around the house is a good thing

You wash his clothes, bath him, feed him, help him brush his teeth


You kiss him even when he doesn’t want to be 

You hug him sometimes like you won’t get a chance to, ever again

You look in on him after he’s fallen asleep because he is such a beautiful child

And sometimes at night you cry because you know that you are losing him


Did you think he would know this and not love you for it?

Just think of the way he calls out for you in that sing-song-y way 


Like you were the only person in the world he wanted to see at that moment

Yes, he loves me.