It’s been six months. 

I didn’t expect him to be so happy.  He smiles so much of the time.  All I have to do is flash him a look or say a word and he starts cheesing at me. 

I wonder what that means for someone so young.  Is he going to be a happy child, or more importantly, a happy person?  What is it that causes him to be this way?  Is it in his nature?  Were his biological parents naturally happy people?  Is there something we do that contributes to his glee? 

It is a little infectious.  I want to be around him all of the time and take in the curled lip, the brightness of his eyes, and the little chuckle that he makes. 

I am surprised by his demeanor—he is such a calm and lovely little boy.  He and I visited a dear friend who is temporarily bed-ridden.  He sat in her lap in bed for close to an hour and calmly looked all around her room and at us.  My friend jokingly suggested that he might be a good “service baby,” that he could bring the kind of comfort to people in nursing homes and hospitals that service dogs do.

I think he surprises those around him also.  He and I returned from attending a memorial service for my Aunt  on the West Coast.  After each flight people around us remarked at how quiet he was.  Then while waiting for the bags to arrive, a woman came up and announced to everyone around us that “this is the best baby in the whole world!  He did not cry or make a peep through the entire flight!”  She looked down at him in the stroller and marveled at the pleasant little guy holding his blanket.  I had to give it to him.  We were stranded for a time in Dallas with mechanical issues.  When we finally took off, he had already had a nap in the airport.  During the first hour of the flight, he calmly lounged in my lap playing with his new pacifier, smiled at the woman next to us and looked up at me while playing with his blanket.  The other hour and a half he slept.


I didn’t realize how attached we would become.  He wants to be with us all of the time, even when he sleeps.  And I oblige.  I would be accused of spoiling the child and would gladly confess.  I don’t hold him to coddle him or to prevent him from crying.  I hold him because I love him, because he will only be this size and this age for a short time.  And no one can ever give that back to me once it’s gone.


I can’t wait to see what kind of beautiful person will emerge from this beautiful little baby boy.