My mother is the queen of holidays—bless her soul.  It isn’t that she goes overboard on the decorations or anything, she just never forgets.  And I love that about her.  We know no matter how insignificant the holiday, that the card and gift from Grandma Pat will arrive.  I attribute the mountain of stuffed animals on T’s bed, Lucas’ burgeoning collection and the frequent box of chocolates around the house to her holiday packages. 


So it isn’t surprising that I like holidays too.  Though I have to admit that Easter has been near the bottom of my list since I was old enough to hunt for Easter eggs in the yard.  But with kids you lose the option of not celebrating a holiday which features brightly colored eggs, jelly beans, cute stuffed animals and chocolate.  This year at day care they had their own Easter egg hunt and T came home talking about how the Easter Bunny was going to visit him.  Damn.  Now we have to figure out what we’re going to do, buy everything, assemble and then execute on Sunday morning.  During my shopping expedition, I got lucky.  I found the best little bunny every.  At first I thought he looked a little strange, like he was trying to be some sort of odd bi-racial rabbit.  After further investigation, I realized he was in fact not a bunny at all but a small brown bear, impersonating the Easter Bunny—p-e-r-f-e-c-t.

I was able to find pink grass (our favorite color) and great little toys that fit inside of the plastic eggs that I found.  I filled other eggs with jelly beans and some low sugar fruit chews (he continues to have problems with sugar).  I found a DVD that I thought he might like and a set of Disney Cars and wrapped both in pink paper. 

Then on Saturday night, we went over the story again with him, to build a little bit of the anticipation for the morning.  After T had fallen asleep, I crept back into his room and hid the basket in his hamper.  The gifts I hid in his bookshelf.  The stage was set. 

In the morning we had a little breakfast then went up to T’s room to find out what the Easter Bunny had left.  Damn that stupid bunny.  We got him to start searching for the basket which he quickly found.  He hauled out his take and we all sat in the middle of his room—Daddy, Papa, Baby-Lucas, Rocky, and Milo—waiting for him to open his eggs.  The first was this really cool but tiny basketball which was really a kaleidoscope.  Then there were the gold coins and a few colorful tops.  I showed everyone the bunny with the costume and then we got to the jelly beans.  What do you think–Papa is good at this Easter thing!   Right?

Then as Darrow popped open the magenta egg, he let out a slightly blood-curdling squeal.  It was something that I hadn’t heard come out of him in a very long time.  The last time was when we discovered rats in a house that we lived in in Washington.  I looked over and saw him running to the bathroom and all I heard was “Ants!”  I looked down and they were crawling all over the basket, the rug, all of the eggs, throughout the pink grass, on the floor, in the hamper, and now floating in the toilet along with the magenta egg and all of it’s sugary sweet contents. 

I lifted Lucas off the floor and cleared the room with one growl, “everyone out!”  I took out a Kleenex and began stamping out as many of the little suckers as I could.  I whisked the contents of the basket off to the garbage downstairs.  Darrow returned to suck them up with a vacuum—a much better alternative to the barbaric and unsightly and highly inefficient squishing that I was doing.  We were both so creeped out by the intruders.  We had seen our share of vermin throughout our various home-owner experiences.  My tolerance for such things was minimal.  I would say that once a vermin of any kind appears on the scene, I become this obsessive-compulsive mess.    

After the clean-up, we relocated to Lucas’ room.  T opened up his presents and all was well.  For much of the day I was on ant-watch, vacuuming up the few that dared reappear on the floor in T’s room.  We spent the rest of the day in the sun, playing with T’s cars and wrapped our Easter up by watching his new movie.  It was an Easter to remember.  I will be better prepared next year.  I will have the basket all scoped out, the bunny purchased early and plenty of ant traps to confront any Easter ants that think that his holiday is about them!