Every time I watch Roslyn Russell in Auntie Mame, it always reminds me of my Aunt Shirley—saucy, sexy, loving, kind—that’s what I remember most about her.  I lost her this week.  I crouched on the aisle of the grocery store crying on the phone with my father as he told me the news.  My Aunt Shirley was always crazy, with a beautiful energy as well as a bit of a tongue that she wasn’t afraid to unleash on someone.  She will always be the free spirited 35-year old driving her Mercedes at top speeds through the windy passes of the Wasatch mountains.  Last fall I was able to spend time with her back home, and even recovering from chemotherapy, she seemed like someone much, much younger than her seventy six years.  That’s what makes the loss that much harder.

On his Facebook page, my older brother said it best:

My larger than life Aunt Shirley died yesterday Sunday February 21st after a heroic battle with cancer. She loved life and friends. May the God who comes comfort all of us grieving the loss of such vibrant soul.