I’m thinking of renaming this blog.  Possibilities include:

The Gods Must Be Angry

The Winter of Our Discontent

A Series of Unfortunate Events

When it Snows…Hide!

Can a Brotha Get a Break?

or maybe just Whatdahell?!

I mean come on. December ended (and January started) with a bang.   Sick kids.  Sick appliances. Sick cars.  Drained wallets.  All of which, by the way, seemed to coincide with the arrival of snow.

Just as we try to get our way out of January, Lucas got sick.  Was it just coincidence that it happened to start snowing furiously Saturday night just before we decided he needed to go to urgent care?

And then last night while on Lucas watch and while yet another storm dumped snow on the city, Juan got the stomach flu.  As T would say – “that is not very nice!”.  Taking care of a baby while sick – even with nurses and doctors around – is not something I’d recommend to anyone.  So now he is recuperating at home and I’m back at the hospital.  I’m starting to feel pretty comfortable here.

The weekend forecast calls for yet another storm – 6 to 12 to maybe even 24 inches.  Lovely.  What’s next? A plague of locusts?