I squeezed in a quick visit to see Lucas and Juan before picking up T from daycare.  Lucas is doing MUCH better.  My heart did a happy THUMP THUMP THUMP when he flashed his crooked, toothless grin at me.

Things are going well.  His fever is gone.  He’s no longer on an IV for fluids. He’s back on some formula – half formula and half Pedialyte. And his need for high amounts of oxygen is down.

On Monday, we were told to plan for a Wednesday discharge.   Juan said no doctor has been in to talk to him today, so we don’t know what the discharge plan is.  I’m thinking Thursday, but we’ll probably know more in the morning.

In the meantime, T, I, Mika, Milo and Rocky are hanging out at the house.  It has only been a little over three months since Lucas arrived, but I realized last night that I had forgotten what it was like to be a one-kid household.

With T in bed by 8…

and the dogs positioned in their favorite nighttime places shortly thereafter…

you could hear a snowflake drop.

Was it really this quiet when it was just T?

They are predicting up to 6″ of snow tonight and another storm on Saturday.  I’m hoping that this will be the weekend that we can all be home and finally get to spend some quality time together – minus feeding tubes, oxygen tanks and beeping heart monitors.