Lucas and I have been in Pediatric Emergency since Saturday night.

We arrived here after I took him to an urgent care clinic a few miles from our house.  They did some chest x-rays, ruled out pneumonia, asked and re-asked about his symptoms and gave him a saline-solution treatment via a nebulizer.  After some observation-time and head-scratching, the doctor decided it was best to send us here where they specialize in pediatric emergencies.

It look less than 10 minutes to get through registration and triage and then two nurses and a doctor were on Lucas like brown on brown rice.  There was an efficient flurry of tubes, attachments and blankets and, underneath it all, Lucas seemed relatively unbothered.

Lucas spent the next 7 hours or so getting poked and prodded by various masked people.  Finally, at 4 AM we were moved to our own room where we’ve been ever since.   Nice room.  It has a bathroom with shower, a TV and DVD player, a small fridge and a bench-seat under a window.  If it weren’t for the array of monitors and hoses jutting out of the walls, this could be a pretty decent hotel room.

Juan made it to the hospital Sunday around 10 AM after dropping T off at a friend’s house for an extended play date.  The rest of the day was more of the same – blood draws, more chest x-rays, vital signs every 4 hours, Pedialyte every 2 hours and lots of worried looks from his two dads.  During this time we learned that Lucas has the flu and the onset of pneumonia. At 2 PM,  he suddenly got worse, prompting the doctor to seriously consider moving him to a different, more specialized hospital.  It was decided that he would be sent by ambulance if things didn’t improve in 2 hours.

Lucas did get better and we are still here.  Today’s doctor anticipates discharge sometime on Wednesday.

It’s now 12:40 PM on Monday.  Juan just arrived.  We are waiting for room service.  Tonight and tomorrow are Juan’s turn to camp out while I manage Mr. T at home.

So we wait.