I have to write this on the way home on the train.  If I had more time to spend as I usually do, I would, but I don’t.  This is what life has been like lately: a list of TODOs that each time you are able to cross something off, life adds two more items.  It’s the reason we have not had a single post since mid-December.  Here is just a flavor of the last few weeks: 

Our Christmas was quiet, unexpectedly quiet.  We postponed our trip to NY because both kids were sick.  When we finally did go, it was fraught with mishaps:

  • Our water heater began spraying all over the basement the night before we were to leave
  • Snow and freezing rain began to fall not five minutes into the trip
  • Lucas was cleared for travel by the pediatrician but had a fluctuating temperature as we drove eight hours during the most recent arctic cold snap. 
  • Much like A Christmas Story there was a turkey debacle which included poultry on the floor and a touch of family drama
  • Our car broke down the day before we were to return home—we were stranded at a mall for about seven hours
  • The three year old began to complain of a sore tummy at the Pennsylvania State line and and was sick in the car and at home for the rest of the evening
  • We came home to a little surprise that I can’t go into—let’s just say I would not ever want that to happen again

The water heater guys set off the fire alarm and I was unable to turn it off or to call it in as a false alarm.  Unfortunately T was not home when a ladder truck with four firefighters pulled up to the front of the house, sirens a blaring—he would have loved that.

My sister came to spend time with her nephews and gave us some welcome relief.  But it seemed like her stay coincided with a super-flurry of activity.

I have been shopping for a new dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer for over a month with nothing to show for my efforts.  I gave up a few days ago.

Yesterday, we bought a new range on a lark—not in the budget but, oh well.

I am still taking down Christmas decorations.

The next hearing is about a month away and we have much research to do and an attorney to consult—there is a whole nother post here.

Birthday party—the little urchin just turned three years old and he is having a few of his crazy friend over to celebrate

My new job with tons of new responsibilities had to do without me for about three weeks while I was home with Lucas.  I already miss him.  I could really be a stay-at-home dad for a while.

Lucas is getting big, fast—really big.

T is getting smart, fast—really smart.

Today was my first day back to work and 389 e-mails.

Our new, perfect, infant son returned after his first time at day care and I realized that I knew almost nothing about his day. 

It seems as though I will never be able to balance the career that is taking off with the desire to spend more time with my family.  I know that I am going through withdrawals with Lucas and will get used to being apart from him, but it is a little depressing.

Somehow I am about to get reoriented to our new existence—two working dads—two beautiful growing and developing boys—three wonderful dogs—and all of us living in our big old house, a house that will always need work.