I knew that it wasn’t some weatherman’s wet dream—the snow storm of snow storms at Christmas—when the temperature started dropping as the evening set in and precipitation was reported to be 100%.  That was Friday night.   

When I put the pacifier back in Lucas’ mouth at about 2 a.m. Saturday morning, there was already a coating of white over everything.  It was calm outside, falling feathery and light for the rest of the morning.

As the day wore on, it got colder and the snow deepened.  I wondered whether the term blizzard was the media’s sensationalism or whether the car that slowly was disappearing was the real story.

It became apparent that no one would be on the streets unless they absolutely had to.  We resolved to remain indoors, some of “us” even exclaiming that it was their goal for the day to remain in their pajamas.

We were a little better prepared for Christmas this year.  There was no last minute rooting around in the basement, digging out last year’s decorations.  We determined this year to do something different—everything silver and gold.  We kept it clean and simple with white lights and shimmery ornaments.

We even had the tree up and lit by the time the storm hit.  That morning we finished decorating and even managed to get presents wrapped and tucked beneath it.  T and I topped it with a homemade star.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish while being snow bound!

As the fire burned and the humans labored over the tree, our three furry family members lounged around the house.

By afternoon we began to run out of things to do.  I resorted to dressing and posing dogs and children for holiday pictures.  

Some cooperated.

Others did not.

Others slept through the entire thing.

Throughout the day the snow had piled up.  Saturday evening my last measurement read fourteen inches with it still coming down.  Some of the “kids” seemed to lose their minds frolicking in the white stuff.  They bounded through the yard while those of us who are just over three feet tall got stuck from time to time. 

Then there was the odd one who wanted absolutely nothing to do with anything cold and frozen.

As the evening closed we had dinner and then retired upstairs to watch Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  It was a beautiful day.