the little man

I didn’t know just how small he would be

–mind you, he was born full-term, and he is average with a birth weight of six pounds

–his feet, I think, are the most surprisingly small



I didn’t think that it would all be this easy

–he eats well

–he is comforted easily

–he sleeps like a child much older than someone just three weeks old



I was a little unsure about the attachment to a newborn

–in the beginning our interactions seemed one-sided

–he caught me unaware last night, with big daddy tears


Darrow & Lucas

I didn’t realize how much our “1st born” has become a real little boy

–he seems so big now when I pick him up

–he has catapulted from being needy to largely independent, overnight

–he wants to help do everything including caring for Lucas


The helper

Nobody told me that I would love T even more than I already do

–he is the first, and still here