The pendulum

It has been a few days and both of us seem to be at a loss for words. 

We arrived at the court house where T’s worker indicated a new development about housing, but didn’t say much more.  We attended the child consultation where the Master determined that all of the children appeared happy, healthy and developmentally on target.  Then we left.  We were told that the actual hearing could be hours away.  We could not contain a two and a half year old in a busy court house for that long.  So against our better judgement, we returned to our beach vacation, knowing that the outcome we had hoped for was not to be.

There is still a lot that we don’t know but here goes with what we do:

The official word that we received from BCDSS two weeks ago about beginning the show cause action for the termination of parental rights was wildly premature. 

We have been told the biological parents found housing the day before the hearing.  We don’t know exactly what that means.  No one seems to be able to tell us whether this time, documentation has been provided.  It seems that the parties in the case believe it to be true.  Housing seems to be the key to reunification.  All of the other requirements seem to be secondary or at least of lesser importance.

Other requirements remain under the new court order and there is still language that indicates that until these things are completed, the transition process for reunification cannot begin. 

Based upon these developments, the Permanency Plan has been extended through February 2010, or nearly twenty eight months from the date that T was placed in foster care.  The next court hearing is not until December–four months from now.

As we get more information and are able to process what has happened we will be able to write something more.  For now our world has been turned upside down–again, suddenly.