My son is beautiful.  All you parents out there, how often have you thought it or maybe said similar things about your own child.  We are a privileged group—we people who are chosen to raise children.  I was just sitting here, in my seat on the train and a photo that I took a few weeks ago popped into my mind.  It was one of those golden photos.  Though it wasn’t the photo I was trying to take. 

I asked T if he would sit in front of a patch of daffodils in the park that we were visiting and he said, “yes.”  After he seated himself on the grass he stuck his index and middle finger in his mouth.  He was tired and that’s what he does when he is tired.  I asked him to take his fingers out of his mouth so I could snap a few shots.  He took them out long enough to tell me “no” then stuck them back in his mouth.  So I forced the issue by pulling them out.  Then the little two year old defiant one took all of his fingers and shoved them in his mouth, then grinned for the camera.  

I remember a post by one of my former peers Rebecca Wolf from  She talked about the perfect shot.  The kind that meant being in the right place, right time, right light, right moment.  When I finally downloaded them onto my laptop I discovered how good they were.  One in particular caught me.  I remembered the other night when I showed it to Darrow and he got choked up.  Yes, one of those types of photos.

He is so perfect sometime it makes me want to weep.  Sounds silly, but I can’t be the only one.  I know how some of you stand over the crib or the bed watching them sleep.  I do it too.  I know how some of you bawled like babies the first time you saw them walk.  And yes, I got all choked up the very first time he called me Papa.  We parents are not so different from each other.  It is all such a beautiful life that we lead with them.