There’s a lot I want to say about the hearing, but it’s 6 AM on the day after and I can barely get my thoughts straight.  The one thing that stands out for me is that both so much and so little happened yesterday.

The quick and dirty…

  • Our motion to become interested parties was denied. We continue to be allowed at hearings but have no official status as interested parties.  Our goal was to be treated as a party equal to all others in the case.
  • The parents have a new/modified to-do list to be completed in 90 days.  And actually, I’m not sure if they are required to complete everything or show reasonable progress.
  • There will be another hearing in 90 days to review the status.
  • The Master might make a ruling on the permanency plan at that time, though she left the door open to the possibility of letting things continue if the parents have made significant progress.
  • The Master wants to meet all the kids at the next hearing.
  • The next hearing will be at the end of July.

And the beat goes on….