Lately, nothing is as it seems.

Up means down.
Down means up.
Stop means continue.
More means all done.
Come means run away.
No means yes….and no…and even maybe.

It’s like some evolutionary toggle-switch was moved from the off position to the on, and Mr. T very suddenly became a 2 year old.  His 2-year birthday was in mid-January, but if you account for him being 10 weeks premature, his two-ness is right on schedule.

He’s a walking contradiction.  He announces when it’s time to change his diaper and then fights every step of the way.  He wants down from the table and then screams and wails once his feet hit the floor. He demands complete, undivided attention but makes a great effort of trying to escape our watchful eyes.  He says he’s scared (“I skehd”) of the dark but insists on turning lights off.  He whines for more food only to fling it at an unsuspecting dog or daddy.


I know of course, that he is testing his independence.  I know that when he responds to my “Hey T, come here please.” by running away, it isn’t necessarily about defiance.  It’s also a sign of trust.  He can run away and I’ll come get him. I’ll be there for him.  I get that. 

Compartively speaking, T isn’t even half as difficult as other two-somethings that I’ve been around.  So far, even at his worst, it really isn’t that bad.  He hasn’t vomitted green goo at us, started speaking in a strange tongue or learned how to spin his head 360 degrees.  I’m guessing that will happen around the time he is 13.  But knowing that he hasn’t been possessed by evil spirits doesn’t make it easy.