I post in fits and spasms, usually when there is the rare convergence of free time, inspiration and motivation.  It’s like waiting for the perfect storm that rarely arrives.  I get a lot of inspiration from being a father, but I rarely have the time to do more than a couple of emails (and on Saturday, a grocery list).  And when I have a free moment, it’s usually around 9 at night when all I want to do is veg out in front of Family Guy.

When I was part of the army of daily train commuters, it was so much easier to read, write, reflect…and nap, but those days are long gone. Instead, I’m here at 6 AM, trying to be coherent and interesting.  No one should have to do that so early in the morning.

And as Juan and I talked about last night, our life is what it is and not necessarily what we want it to be.  There are some things we will just have to work harder at.  With that in mind and to do my part as a co-blogger, I’m trying something new with this post – Weekend Wrap Up.  As the name suggests, WWU is basically a rundown of the weekend.  If I’m feeling particularly deep and insightful (isn’t that what bloggers are supposed to be?), I might even interject a thought or two…

Our weekend kicked off with a yet unnamed tradition.  I’ll call it Family Night Out for the sake of ease.  We eat out every Friday night.  It’s our way of escaping our Monday through Thursday routine and getting out in the world a bit more.  By the end of the work-week, I think we both get a little claustrophobic and spending Friday night at home just isn’t an attractive option.  We try to pick restaurants that are family friendly and forgiving.  At 22 months, T enjoys being loud (“eeeshlowwwd” as he would say) and he has yet to fully restrain himself from flinging his cup across tables.  We’re working on that issue with some success.

We went to a restaurant in what many consider to be the gay part of the city.  I’ve never really thought of it that way.  Sure, there are a couple of gays bars across the street from each other and the restaurant is very gay friendly, but the area has always struck me as sort of dull.  We rarely go to this restaurant but always end up saying “we should come here more often”.  The food is more than decent and we usually have some positive experience there.

Friday night was no exception.  While we were seated at the table, a man – probably in his early 60s or so – walked over to the table, put his hand on my shoulder and apologized for disturbing us and for making assumptions.   He told us that he and his wife wanted us to know how happy they were to see us together there.  He said that he wished others could see that love can come in many different forms.  He told us that his daughter and partner live in Atlanta and his son and partner lived in New Jersey.  The son was getting ready to adopt.  He said he could see that Ty was well-loved and that he wished he could have been loved as much when he was a child.  It was very touching and you could see that he was emotionally moved.  If any of you know of a gray-haired married man with a gay son – soon to be a father – in Jersey and a lesbian daughter in Atlanta, please tell him he made our night and reminded us of how beautiful people can be.

Saturday we took advantage of a weekend of big discounts at the major tourist attractions downtown and checked out the Science Center.  We figured that T, being King of the Dinosaurs, would love to check out the dinosaur exhibit/interactive area.  He is fascinated by dinosaurs.  If you want to stop him dead in his tracks, flash a dinosaur book in front of his face – except for How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon.  This book scares the crap out of him, probably reminding him too much of the pediatrician’s office.

So the dinosaur area was nice – towering dinosaurs (complete with scary sound effects), dinosaur skeletons, faux excavation sites, videos, buttons to push and things to pull.  It should have been enough for the little dinosaur fan to be happy, but it didn’t quite work out that way.  For T, dinosaurs are clearly great on paper but a little much in real life.  He clung to us like he was hanging on for dear life.  He would point at a dinosaur (“seeee!”), signaling us to get closer, only to backpedal and clutch his way into my – or Juan’s – elbow.  We don’t get to see T’s timid side very often.   I liked playing the role of protector.




We were only at the Science Center for a couple of hours but it was well worth the $3 total to get in.  Next time, we won’t be so quick to park at a 2-hour meter.

We got some lunch and then made our way to the city’s main library annual book sale, a big three-day event that draws thousands of book lovers.  I was excited to go, hoping to find some work-related books for me and books for T.  I have to admit though, it was too hard to focus.   Lots of books.  Lots of people.  Lots of managing  T.   He made  out pretty good though.  We bought about 10 books for him.  That will keep him busy for a couple of weeks.

We had big plans for Sunday – grocery shopping, cupcake baking, a parade, and a tree-trimming party.  We had to skip the parade. The wind and cold were killers and we all would have been miserable.  The party was good. We got to socialize like adults (a rarity) and T got to be his usual charming self.

Highlights of the weekend?

T saying his ABCs in their entirety (though LMNOP came out more like eminemindohpeeeee)
Books  for .50 cents
T hugging Rocky
Us as protectors from the big bad dinosaurs

So that’s the wrap up. Next weekend – family night out, a lesbian cookie exchange (there’s so many ways to twist that phrase around), and a 1 year old’s birthday party.