Juan mentioned in the last post that we are trying to figure out our next steps.  Private adoption, public agency adoption, no-risk adoption – they are all on the table as options.  He also wrote about our occasional thoughts of adopting a sibling group.  There are so many kids out there waiting for families, placed with their brothers and sisters in foster homes, and it seems like such a shame not to give those kids a permanent and loving home.

We know that bringing more than one child into the home creates its own brand of craziness, but we aren’t exactly sure what that looks like…just as we weren’t sure one year ago what it would look like to have one child.   We’ll be doing some reading-up on that issue as well as talking to others that have been down this road.

So readers, we are wondering…

Have you had any experience adopting a sibling group? Maybe you were part of a sibling group that was adopted?  Or maybe you were a sibling separated from your brothers and sisters?

Add a comment, if you’d like, and share your own experience with us.

— D