Today marks one month and one day that T has been with us.  He arrived on October 19th, a quiet little guy with a crooked, instantly disarming grin.  T still has that grin, but the “quiet” and “little” descriptors might as well be a thing of the past.

T didn’t have much to say during those first few days. Honestly, his cries seemed a little pitiful – nothing like the strident wails I’ve heard from other tired, hungry, wet babies.  It didn’t take long for him to find his voice though. He soon dropped his whimpy “geeeee!” for full-on, red-in-the-face bawling, mainly if we weren’t quick enough with food preparation and delivery or a clean diaper. 

In a month’s time, T has put on almost 4 pounds, a third of his October 19th weight. When he came to us, he didn’t seem familiar with baby food, but that too has changed. He has become an eating and formula-drinking machine. He loves Gerber’s Sweet Potatoes and is a big fan of practically any fruit-based baby food made with bananas.  He’s definitely not liking any of the vegetable-based foods, but that’s ok for now. If we do have T in our lives for the long term, there’s plenty of time for us to demand he eat his peas before leaving the table.

I’m biased of course, but I think Juan and I have done a good job so far. We’ve fattened the guy up some and kept him babbling and laughing for the majority of the time. There was that one fiasco…I mean learning experience…related to T’s constipation.  We’ve since made a huge mental note to ourselves – There is definitely such a thing as too much oatmeal cereal.