This is a rare moment.

Right now, at 10:14 AM Eastern Time, the house is absolutely quiet. Mika, Milo, and Rocky are all sleeping, curled up on the floor in front of me, and T is an hour and a half into his first morning nap. That’s probably 30 minutes too long, but that’s okay. He could use a good long nap. And frankly, so could I – him having a long nap I mean. I’ve been home and off work since Monday, and I feel like I’ve been in motion ever since I woke up that Monday morning. I get more rest at my day job! It’s all good though. I wouldn’t trade these past four weeks (four weeks!!) for anything.

So what should I do with this short time I have to myself? Read the paper? Make myself some tea? Play some music? Watch TV? Maybe just watch the birds visit the feeders that I’ve neglected up until yesterday, when guilt finally overcame me and I filled them all back up.

Of course, in the 10 minutes it took me to type this up, the baby monitor next to me just buzzed back to life and I can hear T’s familiar “geeee!”.

I’ll take advantage of the next nap. Or maybe the one after that.