…daysixdaysevendayeightdayninedayten! Whew! It is hard to believe that T has been with us for 10 days. Most of them have been a whirlwind of shopping, diaper changing, bottle preparation, feeding, laundry, and…well…anything and everything baby-related. And somewhere in all of that, we’ve tried to find time to do some things for ourselves. Like sleep and eat.

So to bring you up to date a bit, Juan got a call from social services Friday 10/19 around 3 pm. The social worker gave him the details (most will be omitted for privacy/confidentiality) – 9 month old boy; healthy; underweight; family stressors; currently no plan in place regarding reunification, long term fostering, or permanent adoption.

Juan called me and filled me in. I think I decided “yes” even before he finished. After the phone call we got a couple of weeks ago about a placement, I didn’t feel like another long, emotional conversation. T’s situation sounded like it met a lot of our criteria and, most importantly, T needed someone to take care of him and give him some love, even if for a short while. I felt open to taking some risk.

Juan called the social worker back and set up the delivery (yes…a pregnancy metaphor) for 6pm. I wrapped up as many things at work as I could and made a quick exit. I was home by 5.

I wish I could tell you what was going through my mind on the drive home, but I honestly don’t remember. I think it was something like Waaaahhh!!!!Aiieee!!Yaaaoooooo!!!! I was nervous. I was excited. I was scared. Actually, I do remember one of my thoughts. It was something like “Today would not be a good day for me to get in a car accident.” I know. That’s not exactly profound, but hey, I didn’t want to be late for (pregnancy metaphor time)…the delivery.

So what did I do while waiting for the arrival? Pace. Stare out the window. Pace some more. Glance out the window while pacing past the window. Stare. Pace. Check my cell phone for missed calls (the social worker didn’t even have my phone number). Pace. Ask Juan if there’s anything I should be doing. Pace. Stare. Glance.

The social worker arrived at around 7pm, feeling slightly harrassed I’m sure. Darkness, dimly lit streets, tail-gating drivers, and unfamiliar neighborhoods can have that affect on a person. We helped her unload the car. T didn’t come with much except the clothes on his back, a few diapers and several bottles of formula. I caught a glimpse of T as Juan carried the car seat past me. Tiny! Cute!!

My brain went Waaaahhh!!!!Aiieee!!Yaaaoooooo!!!! again. It was a little surreal. Juan was carrying a little baby into our house. I knew I was standing smack dab in the middle of a pivotal moment – a point of no return. Whatever happened – whether T’s stay was temporary or permanent – my life – our life together – was about to change.

The social worker sat with us for a bit and gave us more details about T. We talked about clothes, baby formula, and the plan for T over the next few days.

The social worker left and then…well…then the 10 day whirlwind began. It started that evening with late night shopping at Target and has continued pretty much non-stop since then.

We hope to chronicle some of that whirlwind in the blog. We’ve been remiss, we know. That seems to be what happens to other bloggers once the placement happens, but we’re going to try our best to keep on top of the blog. What’s the purpose of a diary, if you stop making entries, right?

More to come…