It seems like we are standing still. I have felt a little powerless in the last few days as if there is nothing much more we can do. We are, it seems, at the mercy of the City of Baltimore and of those who are just cogs in the great machine. There is a lack of knowledge or communication about who all of the cogs are; what their function is; and finally how they contribute to the final product. After talking to our continuing home worker she mentioned to me that it was good that we were being proactive. Which I took to mean, you best not sit and wait for something to happen because you will be sitting a long time. But I also asked about contacting the placement office every couple of weeks to check in, see how things were going.  She looked at me and said something like, why would you do that?  In the meantime I have now begun to investigate social service agencies of counties in other States. I will continue to be the determined, responsive, proactive, inquisitive, prospective father that I have been throughout this process. I expect that I will end up being a pest–but hopefully a loveable pest in any case.