The Continuing Home Worker

Huh? Continuing what? Another social worker?
Well, we originally thought that the person who would handle our case next was going to be sort of on our side. She was going to help facilitate the placement of a child in our home. She would interface with the social workers representing individual children and try to find a good placement for us. I mistakenly called her the placement worker. That most definitely is not what she is.

No, I’m sorry, I need to come for the initial home visit.

You’re coming to our home to take another look? We don’t even have a kid yet. You do know that the fire inspector, health inspector, and homestudy worker have all been here in the last month? But, okay, we can have another person come over. I don’t mind taking an afternoon off (I really need a vacation so an afternoon is better than nothing). Officially her role is to ensure that we maintain our certification. But we haven’t even received the license in the mail. What exactly are you going to do here? There is no baby yet unless you know something we don’t.

No, no, I want to know where the baby is going to sleep. Where is the crib? How will you care for the child while you are at work? When you go out?

What about helping to get us a placement? Do you have anything to do with that?

Oh, no, I don’t do that. Once I conclude my home visit, you will be placed on the “space list.” When there is a need for a bed, the placement office will look on the space list. That office handles the actual placement of a child in your home.

Okay so now we are getting somewhere. Can you come over tonight and get us on the list tomorrow?

Ah, no, I can be there on Wednesday.

Okay, Wednesday it is. I will have some lemonade ready and put the dogs in the study so we can have some peace.

Then do we get a kid?