Today, The Maryland Court of Appeals upheld the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. I had been hopeful that the outcome would be different. It seemed like there had been some positive, encouraging momentum over the past year+. 

Back in January 2006, a Baltimore judge ruled that the ban on same-sex marriage was discriminatory.  The ruling gave me hope,  and I was looking forward to the possibility that Juan and I might possibly be able to better secure a future for our family.  For now, that possibility is pretty slim.  The court will not hear any more appeals and the matter becomes one for the state legislature to work out. I’m not very confident about that idea.  While Maryland may be a Democratic state, I don’t think of it as a particularly progressive one.  It’s hard to imagine our state legislators making much of an effort to sponsor or support marriage equality legislation.

So. Today I’m feeling a bit of this and a bit of that.  The two feelings I can most easily identify are disappointment and frustration.  I’m disappointed that the court rendered today’s ruling and I’m frustrated that more people (i.e. judges, legislators, politicians, JohnQ/JaneQ Public) don’t see how important it is that all families have access to the resources that will support their growth, development and stability. 

I’m also feeling a bit…hmm…unwanted in my home state.  Today’s onset of that feeling is maybe just a bit irrational though.  I mean, the anti-gay marriage sentiment in this state isn’t exactly late-breaking news.  But nonetheless, the decision is a reminder that my relationship and my family are not entirely welcome.  If nothing else, that reminder will serve as a motivation to make sure we have as many of our ducks in a row as possible.  The State seems to have little interest in ensuring our family’s survival, but we sure do.