Who is he? 

What does he look like? 

What will life be like with him?


Sometimes I think about all of the differences in the children that I care for every Saturday when I volunteer.  I imagine that he’s a little bit of all of them.  He smiles easily and big.  His hair is soft and curly.  His eyes are dark and deep.  His body is so little and frail but it just seems that way.  He can hold his head up.  He likes to be picked up.  He rubs his eyes when he is tired and will scream if you don’t get the hint.  He will drink his bottle but you have to be patient.  He protests by pushing the nipple aside with his tongue and attempts to cry but eventually succumbs.  He is mesmerized by toys, the ones in his hand, the ones next to him and the ones in the hands of other babies.  He likes to be on the floor on a blanket with the other kids.  He is a wrestler and will scoot across the floor to the closest baby to grab an ear or pull on a shoe or relieve him or her of a toy.  When you shake a rattle in front of him, his head throttles towards the sound—his eyes move with the colors.  It amazes me that at such a young age, his personality is already forming.  He’s becoming a little person with wants and emotions.  I know that the boy we adopt will not be like me, at least the DNA driven parts of him.  It means that I will only see bits and pieces of me that may have rubbed off on him throughout his life (hopefully only the good parts).  But it is who he is, that intrigues me.  How will he be like his mother and father?  What will be his passions?  What will he do with his life on this earth?  He will be this new person unlike either Darrow or myself—this unique energy that will be added to the family.  How will he be with his two dads?  How will we be different with him in our lives?  How will Milo, Mika and Rocky respond to their new master, as little as he is.  Will they follow him around the house both because he will pet them and love them, but also because he will be a constant source of cracker crumbs and spilled food?  How will he change who we are—each one of us, forever?