In today’s Washington Post, there was an article (you may have to register to view it) titled “Family Planning – With a Little Forethought, Parents and Teens Can Share the Good Times”. The article’s focus was on the challenges parents face in staying connected with and planning activities with their teenagers. There really wasn’t much to the article, but it did make me think about the things I look forward to doing with Juan and Junior (the placeholder name until he arrives) as a family.

So here’s some of the things I’m looking forward to…

* Rent an RV and drive across country or at least to the Grand Canyon – The scream of pain just heard around the globe was Juan’s as he read this. Yes, that’s right…RENT AN RV AND DRIVE ACROSS COUNTRY. 🙂 I think it would be fun and a great way to see parts of America that many never see. That of course could be scary too, but we can cross that bridge when we get there.
* Check out the trains at the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum. What kid doesn’t love trains?
* Go on an R Family cruise.
* Disneyworld!
* Travel to Dallas, Memphis, Rochester, and Seattle to visit family.
* Swim at the neighborhood pool. We havent been able to justify the cost of membership, but with kids, it makes perfect sense. Anything to tire kids out and get them some good exercise is great.
* Ride bikes
* See Washington, DC through the eyes of tourists. We lived in the area for many years and spent little time at monuments and museums.
* Go running using our snazzy, slightly-used jogging stroller
* Have Popcorn, Candy & Movie nights. Juan tells me this was a family tradition when he was a kid. I like it. We might have to pass on the candy though.
* Halloween
* Christmas morning

Oh, and blowing bubbles. The question is, do we go for the basic hand held model or the Turbo?