Well, Day 1 (modules 1 and 2) came to an end, and we both survived. Three days and six modules to go!

So what do I think of training so far? Let me see if I can conjure up some imagery for you. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, right?

How about…

Pain 1

Or maybe…




Oops…how’d that get there?


These are the words that should come to mind. Training was not fun. Do they have to read every word, every sentence, every paragraph? Verbatim? For 6 hours?? It’s not that the topics were really all that bad. Module 1 focused on what BCDSS looks for in resource parents, the types of families and children served by BCDSS, aspects of the child welfare system, and self assessment related to readiness to foster and/or adopt. Module 2 was all about child abuse and neglect – family characteristics, signs/indicators, responsibilities, child development, and stopping the cycle of abuse. This stuff is particularly useful if you are fostering or adopting an older child. And everyone in the class except Juan and me fall into that category. They are all there because they have a child relative in their home that they are now taking care of.

Videos can be the saving grace of a boring training class. Not this time. In Module 2 we watched a video about child abuse/neglect/sexual abuse. I think the film was made sometime during the 80s and let me tell you, if you hadn’t fallen into depression during module 1, this video was sure to help you get over your happy thoughts. Do we really need to watch a video of a daddy ominously looming over his little daugher and her saying”No, daddy…no. I don’t want to.”? Ugh.

So, the day was great source for future posts. I’m not sure I will get a chance to post all my thoughts, but here’s some in brief.

  • I felt like I was coming out all over again
  • Everyone was there because they were caring for a relative’s child. We are the only hopeful, prospective parents in the bunch.
  • The trainer shut me down during a moment of advocacy for self and other gay couples. What was that all about?
  • When rocking the boat, be prepared for someone to get wet.

On to Day 2!